streda 1. júna 2011

Cyber Security Challenge UK launches new competitions

he Cyber Security Challenge UK has launched a new set of online games and competitions for anyone in the UK with an interest in computing and security to show their skills.

Candidates can now register for a new set of competitions designed by a range of leading organisations from across the cyber security industry. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural Challenge, in which more than 4,000 people registered, this year’s set of competitions aims to attract an even bigger audience and offer more career-enhancing opportunities to successful candidates including courses from The Open University.

This year’s challenge offers more competitions, more chances for players to prove their skills, and more ways to win prizes. It has been designed to provide both a great introduction for those making a first attempt, and something different for those testing their mettle for the second time.

Competition organisers this year include the SANS Institute, QinetiQ, SAIC, Sophos, DC3 from the US Department of Defence, Cassidian, and HP Labs - whilst the competitions will cover skills as diverse as penetration testing to malware forensics and network defence.

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