streda 6. júla 2011


Date: Saturday, 9 July 2011
Time: 11:00 - 17:00h
Venue: OMI s.r.o, Apollo BC II, Prievozska 4/A, Bratislava

This is a long session, as you can see, and we have two cases to work on. It is therefore important to start on time at 11:00. Lunch will be served, so we won't starve. I would like to propose the following agenda:

1. Greetings
2. Administrative issues and questions
3. Short debrief of TMA01
4. Case Study 1: News Corp.
5. Case Study 2: Special Olympics
6. Outlook on TMA02 and Residential School
7. Outlook on studying Units 5 and 6.

We will be focusing on material from Unit 3 and the “resource-based view of strategy” (RBV), as well as on material from Unit 4 as far as it concerns the stakeholder view of strategy.

You also need to be aware Porter’s “Three Generic Strategies” and Ansoff’s “Growth Vectors” (both covered in Unit 5). This is also the stuff that you will need for TMA 02.

Also, it is essential that you read the two case studies on NewsCorp and the Special Olympics before you come, as we will not have time to read them at the tutorial. In order to prepare, you may read the NewsCorp case in parallel with Unit 3 and the Special Olympics case in conjunction with chapters 2 and 3 of Unit 4.

If you have any suggestions for the agenda, please feel free to voice them. Let me know, if we need to sort out anything. I hope you all can make it.

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